Tech Entrepreneur.
AI Lawyer & AI Ethicist.
TEDx Talk Speaker.

Josephine V Yam

Meet  Josephine

Josephine Yam is the CEO & Co-Founder of Skills4Good AI. Skills4Good AI is an award-winning global privacy and AI compliance training & managed services provider that provides global SMBs and start-ups with privacy & AI compliance training and solutions. Through the Skills4Good AI Academy, they deliver Privacy & Responsible AI online courses and customized training to help large organizations, governments, and SMBs comply with Privacy & AI laws, build trust, and use Tech4Good.

As a woman, a person of color, and an immigrant entrepreneur, Josephine passionately advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion in AI to create a human-centered AI world.

Key Highlights

Josephine Yam on “How to Right Algorithmic Wrongs,” Toronto, Canada, 2023. Watch here.

  • Tech entrepreneur, AI lawyer & AI Ethicist, and TEDx Talk Speaker
  • Garnered graduate degrees in Juris Doctor of Law, Master of Laws, Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy specializing in AI Ethics, and undergraduate Business (Honors) degree
  • Over 25 years of legal, consulting, compliance, and risk-management advisory services on contracts, intellectual property, privacy, security, AI ethics, regulatory and governance matters on large-scale projects in Canada and internationally, working with cross-functional teams in complex and highly dynamic environments
  • Strong entrepreneurial skills with keen business acumen and strong work ethic, seizing innovative opportunities and striving to achieve excellence in all endeavors to make a positive difference in the world
  • Legal professional with substantive knowledge and experience in the field of compliance, privacy, ethics, Big Data, privacy, and artificial intelligence (AI) ethics, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Exceptional interpersonal, negotiation, public speaking, and advanced writing skills as course instructor and corporate trainer for global companies on ethics, privacy, compliance, governance, diversity & inclusion

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